TickTick-ing The Boxes

Why is TickTick any different?

In short, it’s not that different from iOS Reminders on the face of it; multi-device support, iCloud (background) sync, lists for grouping, time-based reminders… it’s not going to win many awards for innovation there — but it has got plenty potential with the extra features though.

Custom repeat iterations on tasks
Nested actions within items
Tags, attachments, comments and activities on tasks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

There’s plenty of subtle (and untouched) features in TickTick that make it such a joy to use as well, especially when you upgrade to the Premium subscription:

  • Prefix list names with a suitable emoji and that replaces the default icon
  • Colour-coded lists visually highlight your items in the main, detail and calendar view
  • Drag-and-drop ranking allows you to easily order your items in any of the views
  • Dark mode (and many other themes) make for a very personal experience across your devices
  • Offline updates are automatically synchronised seamlessly — ideal for someone who plans their day or week commuting to work with patchy / limited data connectivity (like me)
  • You can set your preferred reminder time for the day, so whether your working day starts at 8am (like me) or 10am (like most engineers), it’s appropriately timed
List names with emojis



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Si Jobling

Si Jobling


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